Pulsarlube E

SERIES E60 : Ø77mm(3.03") x 91mm(3.58") (H)
  • Pulsarlube E


The Pulsarlube E is our smallest lubricator which can easily be installed in confined areas with limited space. This eco-friendly product is recyclable.
The Pulsarlube E is designed to offer superior advantages in cost competitiveness and user friendliness over conventional gas type SPL units. The Pulsarlube E has a creative and innovative design which satisfies a wide variety of demands for industrial applications. It operates based on the proven technology of electrochemical reaction which generates inert Nitrogen (N2) gas through the systematic use of an electrolyte and electrical energy.

The Pulsarlube E utilizes an intuitive mode selecting mechanism to ensure an error-free and simple operation. This product is the right choice for a cost effective, reliable, and safe SPL product for most industrial applications.
Compact Design

Compact Design

Compact 60ml design is convenient for usage in confined spaces



Specially designed to endure high vibration

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Transparent container and cap for easy visual inspection of remaining lubricant and dispensing periods



Eco-friendly product where applicable parts can be disposed of separately





Technical Specifications
SPEC Description
Grease Pouch Capacity 60ml/120ml/240ml (disposable)
Gas Type Electrochemical reaction
(Nitrogen gas)
Operating Pressure Max. 5bar (73psi)
Operating Temperature -20˚C~55˚C (-4˚F~131˚F)
Dispensing Periods 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 month
Remote Installation Max. 1m (3.3ft) with O.D. Ø8 tube
Multi-Point Installation N/A
Packaging 10 Units/Case
Product Certifications
Certification Description
IP Code
MSHA Approval No. 18-A180003-0
CE / Etc. CE 0344


Part No. Description
A001 Reducer, 3/8"F x 1/4"M Adaptor (Brass)
A002 Reducer, 3/8"F x 1/8"M Adaptor (Brass)
A003 Reducer, 3/8"F x 1/8"M Adaptor (Steel)
Socket + Pipe + Reducer
Socket + Pipe + Reducer
Part No. Description
A011 Socket, 1/4"F x 1/4"F Adaptor (Brass)
A012 Socket, 1/8"F x 1/8"F Adaptor (Brass)
Part No. Description
A121 Pipe,1/4”M x 1/4”M x 50mm (Steel)
A122 Pipe,1/4”M x 1/4”M x 100mm (Steel)
A123 Pipe,1/4”M x 1/4”M x 150mm (Steel)
A124 Pipe,1/4”M x 1/4”M x 200mm (Steel)
Part No. Description
A106 Pipe, 1/8"M x 1/8"M x 50mm for divider block (Steel)
A107 Pipe, 1/8"M x 1/8"M x 150mm for divider Pipe, 1/8"M x 1/8"M x 100mm for divider block (Steel)
A108 Pipe, 1/8"M x 1/8"M x 150mm for divider block (Steel)
A109 Pipe, 1/8"M x 1/8"M x 200mm for divider block (Steel)
45˚ Elbow
45˚ Elbow
Part No. Description
A023 45° Elbow, 1/4”M x 1/4”F Adaptor (Brass)
A024 45° Elbow, 1/8”M x 1/8”F Adaptor (Brass)
90˚ Elbow
90˚ Elbow
Part No. Description
A019 90° Elbow, 1/4”F x 1/4”F Adaptor (Brass)
A020 90° Elbow, 1/8”F x 1/8”F Adaptor (Brass)
A021 90° Elbow, 1/4”M x 1/4”F Adaptor (Brass)
A022 90° Elbow, 1/8”M x 1/8”F Adaptor (Brass)

If the bearing lube point is NPT, use the thread converter (A243) to convert thread metric to inch for bearing zerk (USA only)

  • All Parts should be assembled tightly with PTFE tape.
  • For optimal performance with remote installation kits, using an NLGI #1 grade grease is recommended.
  • If the bearing lube point is NPT, use the thread converter.
Kit No. 2000RC-1
Kit No. 2000RC-1
Part No. Description
A005 Reducer, 1/4"F x 1/8" M Adaptor (Brass)
B002 Mounting Bracket, “L”Shape
B051 Self Drilling Screw, #8 x 20
B057 Washer
A012 Socket, 1/8”F x 1/8”F Adaptor (Brass)
A239 Tube Fitting, Push-In Type, PC8-PT1/8"M
A212-1 Distribution Tubing, O.D. 5/16"(8mm)
Urethan Tubing, 3ft Pre-filled with (Grease Type)
A243 Thread Converter, PT1/8"F x NPT1/8"M (Brass)

Note : For remote installation using a tube, use an 8mm O.D. (5/16″) tubing pre-filled with the same or compatible grease as the grease contained in the unit. Recommend using under short dispensing period settings due to powerful dispensing pressure.