Food Grade Grease PL4

PL4 H1 Food Grade

Food Grade Grease NLGI2

Synthetic + Calcium sulfonate Complex, Off-White
Operating temperature : -40°C ∼ 200°C

Product Description
  • Product designed specifically for the lubrication of food processing machinery
  • Good grease lubricates capable of providing excellent lubrication in all of these environment : Covering the extremes of temperatures from oven to freezer operations, as well as high level of contamination from water, steam and cleaning agents

PL4 Grease provides superior film strength for slower moving applications under severe operating conditions such as water, steam, high temperature and load.
The excellent shear stability of this grease in combination with a unique tackiness agent provides a long lasting durable film of lubricant for bearings, bushings, open gears, chains and other exposed surfaces such as slides, rollers and cam followers. It can also be used as an antirust film and as a release agent for gaskets and seals.

  • Conveyor Systems for coke, iron ore, and limestone
  • General rotating equipment lubrication
  • Conveyor bearings
  • Equipment central lubrication systems
  • Anti-friction roller bearings under heavy or shock loading
  • Linkages and slides
  • Joints
  • Long Service Life : Excellent resistance to Water/Steam washout
  • Longer lasting film allows less lubricant usage and extended re-greasing intervals
  • Unique thickener combination resists oil bleed problems often encountered using conventional food grade lubricants
  • Excellent stability helps retard softening of grease during high shear mechanical action often experienced in high
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