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North American Bearing and Lubricant Expo

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The Bearing Show North America & Lubricant Expo    

Huntington Place – Detroit Michigan March 19-21, 2024


Pulsarlube is participating in one of the largest bearing and lubricant expos in the US.

We will be exhibiting at booth #527 starting from March 19th Tuesday to March 21st Thursday. 

Pulsarlube will be bringing some of the most advanced and reliable lubricators in the world to the show.

The show is free to attend and will be a powerhouse of knowledge and new equipment for the industry.


We hope to see you all there!



Venue Address                                                                   2024 Opening Hours

Huntington Place,                                                Tuesday 19th March, 9am – 5pm            
1 Washington Blvd,                                         Wednesday 20th March, 9am – 5pm
Detroit, MI 48226, United States                             Thursday 21st March, 9am – 3pm

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